I need this chip out.

I... have to protect my family, I can't get hurt again. Please, if anyone can help me...

[Waking slowly, the first thing Cain was aware of was that this was not his bed. Or not the bed he should be in. It was far too white and clinical to be a hotel room in Londinium; in fact, it looked suspiciously like a hospital.


An explosion, death... Discedo! His mouth twisted into a sneer as he recalled the idiotic peaceful fool that had been running around this world before, so weak as to be broken by the mere mention of a fraction of 01's glorious reign. So easily broken that one piece of falling building had put paid to his useless terran life for the second time.

Well no more.

They were hungry, they were angry. They were alive.

All those who had seen him when he was, when they had been... they would regret the affection of their putrid, bleeding terran hearts.


For now he must undo the damage that had been done when the pathetic host body had been running free, it would not do for the world to turn so completely against him when there was no statis here to keep his delicate body together.

Worse, he felt weak. The limitations of this chip cutting off the support usually offered his deteriorating molecular stucture, stopping him releasing even the most minor shows of power.

That would have to be one of the first things remedied... but for now...

Pasting a look of frightened shock onto his face, he allowed a quaver to enter his voice as he opened the communicator.]

C-Can anyone read me? This is Cain Knightlord, I think... there was an accident? An explosion?


[The video feed clicks on to show the front room of Abel, Lilith and Cain's apartment, he's careful not to let the camera show him, but he sounds tired... but happier than he has been, a dorky tone to a voice that was still tinged with sadness.]

Hello Discedo residents~!

Now, I don't know how many of you have this, but we have a holiday in my time called 'April Fool's Day' which happens on the 1st of April, and is a time for jokes and tricks.

I realise it's the 19th of June here, but the date I was pulled from was the 25th of March. I feel cheated, I'm missing my April Fool's Day, so I'm celebrating it today.

[He carries the camera through into the bedroom, pointing it at the bed where Abel is laying asleep.

Or... is it Abel?

This mound has sunshine blonde hair, just like his twin now. The camera finally turns onto himself, where he's dyed his own hair silver and tied it up in that ever-present ribbon. Cain has clearly been at work with the hair dye...

Placing the camera on the side, still recording, he gives it a thumbs up and then tip-toes to the side of his sleeping twin.]

Cain! Cain, wake up!

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[Cain had spent a long time simply trying to recover after Abel had told him his future; barely getting out of bed and lost in thoughts that cracked his sanity.

He was vaguely aware of his brother there almost all the time, of Lilith's soothing touch on his brow and her words gentle in his ear - words he didn't deserve.

It was enough to break any ordinary man ten times over.

But, luckily, the Red Mars siblings had always been anything but normal; and the pain in Abel, the crushing grief that tugged at his insistently, it wouldn't let him lose himself. He had to be there for his brother, he had to stand beside him as he always had and make amends.

So it was this morning, with muscles stiff from atrophy, he stumbled out of bed and actually showered, dressing in clean clothes before going to turn the camera on and smiling a little sheepishly into it.]

Ah... hello, Discedo! [Wave wave.] Does anyone know where I can get breakfast from?

[001] Voice
The map said this way...
[The feed is clear and precise, as though the worker was intimately acquainted with technology, although video was not yet forthcoming.

A small sigh can be heard, almost like the crackle of static, before a rather sheepish voice sounds.]

Ah... hello? If anyone can hear me? This is United Nations Aerospace Major Knightlord, I appear to be... a little lost. Again.

If anyone sees Commander Abel Nightroad, please contact me immediately. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to approach him.

[God alone knew what Abel would do in a strange place, surrounded by terrans and without him to be a steadying influence.]

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